Ministry of National Defense is the nation’s sanctuary

What is the KIA Recovery Project?

The Project is a sacred initiative of the South Korean Government to fulfill our responsibility to recover the remains of 123,000 war heroes who sacrificed their lives to safeguard the peace and freedom of South Korea during the Korean War but whose bodies were not retrieved and left buried in unknown battlefields.

Importance of the KIA Recovery Project

To accomplish the Government’s iron will to take a full responsibility
for their heroes and honor those who devoted their lives to protect the nation.

  • To alleviate the sorrow of the bereaved family who have been yearning for their loved ones for more than 60 years

  • Promotes national integrity

  • To build trust with People

  • Strengthens the national identity

To materialize the Nation's strong will to honor and cherish lives of its people
The trust built between the nation and the people would appear as an ardent patriotism in contingency