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Guidelines to provide whereabouts of remains location to MAKRI

Your information can be a tremendous help for MAKRI in bringing our heroes home

Subjects :
The unrecovered fallen Korean War heroes

  • ROK Servicemen, Civilian military employees and Policemen
  • Mobilized forces in accordance with the "Mobilization of Labor Force in Time of War Act" (Members of the Youth Corps, Homeland Defense Reserve Forces, Student Soldiers, Territorial Army, and Guerilla unit, etc)
    ※ In accordance with the law, MAKRI covers all men who were mobilized by the nation during the Korean War.

Possible contents of the report
(Incl. North Korea and DMZ)

  • Primary resources from the person directly involved during the Korean War, and hearsay evidence from the witnesses and auricular witnesses
  • Primary as well as Secondary sources obtained during the military service after the Korean War
  • Sources/evidences from the eyewitnesses during farming, hiking, collecting herbs and construction work.
  • Direct sources or hearsay evidence on the remains suspected to be the Korean War KIA

Report to

  • By phone : +82-2-811-6583
  • By post : ROK MAKRI
    Hyeonchung-ro 250, Dongjak-gu, Dongjak-dong, Seoul, Republic of Korea (06984)
  • E-MAIL :


  • MAKRI offers monetary rewards (KRW 200,000 ~ 700,000) to the informants
  • The degree of the rewards varies on the recovery results.
    ※ Arbitrary disposal or undeclared treatment of the possible KIA remains is subject to legal penalty. ( Imprisonment up to 1 year or / Fine up to KRW 5,000,000)
  • Information Provision Guidance about Whereabouts of the Remains gallery-1
  • Information Provision Guidance about Whereabouts of the Remains gallery-2