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Identified KIA: Buried in the National Cemetery

  • Appoint a notification officer to deliver the identification results to the bereaved family members upon the confirmation of the identification.
    ※ MAKRI Commander, Commanding officers of regional units, Local governor, veterans affairs institutions.
  • Identified KIA remains are buried in Daejeon National Cemetery
    ※ Depending on the branches of Military of the remains, the Chief of Staff of the affiliated Military branch will host a service once or twice a year
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Unidentified KIA: Preserved for a certain period of time in CIL after the joint enshrinement ceremony

  • Joint enshrinement ceremony : A Ceremony to pay respect and courtesy to the homecoming war heroes
    ※ Hosted by the Prime Minister at Seoul National Cemetery every year
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Foreign KIA

  • UN Forces : Repatriation upon agreement with the country via UNCMAC
  • Enemy Forces : Possibility of repatriation is consulted with the country through UNCMAC, Buried in the Enemy Cemetery