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Step 2_Recovery/Collection

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Ground Opening Ceremony

  • Notify the commencement of excavation of the remains
    ※ Hosted by regional commanding officer in charge (corps or division level) and accompanied by local governor, war veterans, and related personnels.
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  • Apply forensic archaeological techniques by recovery professionals to conduct precise recovery operations.
    ※ Utilize KIA Total Information System(KIATIS), data is recorded on a real time basis
  • Casketing in a paulownia coffin in accordance with the Korean traditional courtesy
    (draped with Taegeukgi)
    ※ Recovery work is done with ultimate courtesy and respect.
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Preliminary enshrinement

  • Ceremony is held at a field mortuary in the nearest military base.
    ※ Enshrinement should be carried out until the sunset of the recovery day with utmost courtesy