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International Cooperation

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US : Established close ties for the effective ROK-US joint KIA recovery project

  • The ROK·US cooperation gained momentum when 1 set of the US remain was recovered from Dabu-dong region which was the first recovery operation post in April 2000.
    In an effort to accelerate and efficiently operate the joint recovery project, MAKRI and DPAA signed the MOU ('08.08), MOA ('15.11.19), and IA ('16.10).
    DPAA and MAKRI operate joint missions on investigation · recovery · forensic reviews and hold an annual meeting once or twice a year.
    ※ MAKRI-DPAA Cooperation includes the following events
    - The first ROK·US KIA remains mutual repatriation ceremony ('16. 4. 28)
    - The ROK·US Joint Symposium (AAFS, '12. 2 / '17.2),
    - Repatriation ceremony for the US remains (`17. 6. 22 / 1 remain from the Korean War)
    - Acting director delegation of DPAA visited MAKRI (`17. 4. 10∼12)
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China : President Park Geun Hye proposed a repatriation of Chinese remains to Deputy Prime Minister Ryu Yen Dung during her visit to China, June 2013

  • Repatriation ceremony was held 4 times as a humanitarian effort, thereby enhancing the ROK-PRC relations.
    The first repatriation('14. 3. 28 / 437 remains), the second repatriation('15. 3. 20 / 68 remains), the third repatriation ('16. 3. 31 / 36 remains), the fourth repatriation('17. 3. 22 / 28 remains)
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Vietnam : Signed the ROK-Vietnam MOU in September 2015.

  • Vietnam faces around 200,000 unrecovered remains. Vietnam signed the ROKㆍVietnam MOU in order to exchange relevant data. Vietnamese delegation including the deputy secretary visited MAKRI and the recovery site(Goyang Province).
    In November 2016, MAKRI visited Vietnamese remains storage facility and the recovery sites. By doing so, Vietnam and MAKRI were able to share knowledge and data. Vietnam wants MAKRI to share its expertise and knowledge throughout the entire identification process and the two parties are planning to strengthen its cooperative ties.
    • Vietnamese DNA scientists group visit to MAKRI (17. 9. 4),
    • 1237 National Steering Committee delegation visit to MAKRI (`17. 9. 11 ~ 15),
    • Central Military Court members visit to MAKRI (`17. 9. 26)
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Belgium : Signed the ROKㆍBelgium MOU on July 2013 to accelerate the identification process for the missing Belgian forces

  • Following the MOU in July 2013, MAKRI received 11 DNA samples of the Belgian bereaved family members for the 3 missing Belgian forces via Begian Defense Attache. However, according to the DNA testing conducted on July 2014, there was no match.
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Libya : Signed the ROKㆍLibya MOU on December 2012

  • Libya called for MIA recovery and identification support through the Korean Ambassador in Libya on October 2011. MAKRI decided to dispatch relevant personnel to Libya on February 2012 as a way to enhance the friendship. Also, the ROK-Libya MOU was signed ('12. 12. 10)
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International cooperation with the UN sending states during the Korean war (Australia, The United Kingdom, Greece)

  • MAKRI aims to provide tailor-made support to the specific issues/ area concerned to each country
    • Australia : The Australian Unrecovered War Casualties-Army (UWC-A) delegation visited MAKRI( `17. 4. 3), Australian Defense Minister delegation visited MAKRI (`17. 10. 19)
    • UK : Friendly visit from Professor Caroline Wilkinson from Dundee University ('14. 7.)
    • Greece : Cooperation in regards to the recovery of the 16 KIA Greek forces and burying procedures at the UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan.