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DNA testing procedures

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Procedure of Genetic Tests for the Bereaved gallery-1

DNA sample collection

  • Who can participate? : Family members of the KIA (From immediate family members to third degree relatives)
  • How to Participate
    • Visit Regional public health centers and Military hospitals
      ※ Participants can get a free medical check-up
    • MAKRI staffs can arrange a home visit to take samples
    • Family members are welcome to visit MAKRI and participate
  • What to bring : 1 of the following documents
    Family registration certificate (Which approves the status of the KIA), Bereaved family membership certificate(유족증), Death notification
Procedure of Genetic Tests for the Bereaved gallery-2

DNA testing

  • Comparative DNA analysis between the recovered remains and the family members
  • Time required for the testing: About 10 months
    ※ Depending on the conditions of the samples, testing might require maximum time period of 12 months.
Procedure of Genetic Tests for the Bereaved gallery-3

Notification of the result

  • The Initial result is notified after 10-12 months from the date of DNA sample collection
  • After, the results are sent out twice a year (Once in the first half of the year and in the second half of the year)
    ※ Unmatched DNA samples go through comparative DNA testings with newly recovered remains.
Procedure of Genetic Tests for the Bereaved gallery-4

Follow-up measures

  • Identified KIA : The result is delivered to the family members with the utmost courtesy. The remain is buried at National Cemetery.
  • Unidentified KIA : Comparative DNA analysis is carried out with newly recovered remains
    ※ DNA database is stored permanently