Ministry of National Defense is the nation’s sanctuary

Step 1_Investigation & Exploration

Outline research-1

Collect preliminary data

  • Research battle histories, receive reports & interviews with the local residents and war veterans / Assess credibility
    ※ battle records, map of the battlefields by respective military units, history of the operating units, history of the local area, etc
Outline research-2

Conduct a site exploration

  • Analyze battle records and tactics used
  • Verification of the credibility of battle records, Identification of traces of battle sites.
    (foxholes, trenches, etc)
    ※ Interviewees are accompanied as needed to confirm the specific site
Outline research-2

Establish an excavation plan

  • Formulate and confirm annual comprehensive excavation plan : Next year's plan should be fixed until the previous November
    ※ Notification of the next year's Recovery instruction
  • Training sessions are held for relevant personnels : Recovery team personnels, Collective training session for professional recovery team members